The Remediation Technology Summit

February 26-28, 2019

Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO

scaringellaMike Scaringella
Business Development Manager
Terra Sonic International

Mr. Scaringella is an environmental professional with more than 24 years managing environmental assessment and remediation projects for major oil companies and industrial clients. He has served on various innovative technology development teams with a focus on biodegradation of petroleum compounds and Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA). Mr. Scaringella is a Business Development Manager with Terra Sonic International.

PLATFORM PRESENTER - Getting Creative: Innovative Drilling

Envision® Sonic: A Case Study Evaluation for Sustainability

Does the overall environmental footprint of sonic drilling really save money over the life of a project? Sonic drilling meets the sweet spot of maximizing benefits to social, environmental and economic aspects of a project. A life cycle analysis of sonic drilling utilizing the Envision® Rating system provides clarification on the overall sustainable aspects of this assessment and remediation tool. The Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) developed the Envision® Rating system for civil infrastructure, which will be applied to the use of sonic drilling as a remediation technology and application. Case studies using sonic drilling will be utilized to illustrate the applicability of the individual credits. Common perceptions of sonic include up to 80% reduction in investigative derived waste (IDW) and the ability to log continuous core samples while achieving formation entry speeds up to five times faster than conventional methods. More elusive credits such as Reduce Potable Water Consumption, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Enhance Public Health and Safety, and Reduce Net Embodied Energy will be applied to the use of sonic drilling to expand our concept of its ability to meet the demands of sustainable and green engineering.